Sustainable Growth through Maritime Innovation
Press Release Brussels, 30 April 2015
European Research Association ‘Vessels for the Future’ appointment of Executive Director

The European Research Association “Vessels for the Future” is pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Campbell as Executive Director of the Association. This was agreed at the Association’s board meeting held on 28 April 2015. This new position will enable the work of the Association to step up a gear in its work on developing the case for investment in future ship innovation through a contractual Public Private Partnership with the European Commission.

Chris Campbell who has a career in engineering and management spanning 40 years, much of which was in maritime industry, has spent the last few years working with classification societies on EU Regulation 391/2009 relating to mutual recognition of class certificates for material, equipment and components. He was introduced to the Board and General Assembly in Brussels by Dr Pierre Sames the Chairman of the Association. Chris sees his role as a facilitator and promoter of the Association. Chris says ‘I am eager to meet with the key representatives of the Commission to gain their support for this initiative and to encourage other organisations to join the Association.’

This appointment and the growing number of members from across the maritime community joining the Association demonstrates the serious commitment being made towards achieving the Vessels of the Future goals. The Association’s interests are in developing conceptual ideas and break-through technologies and converting the outputs into practical maritime applications for the benefit of society, the maritime community and industrial partners. The projects currently being considered cover a range of technologies that relate to safer and more energy efficient ships. The key goals that have been set by the Association are ambitious emission reduction targets, a step change in safety and improved competitiveness of the European industry through the adoption of advanced technologies and production processes and improved operational systems.


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