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News Item Brussels, 1 November 2016
Vessels for the Future appoints new Chairman

Henk Prins takes over as chair of Vessels for the Future from Pierre Sames this month. At the last Board of Directors meeting of Vessels for the Future, held on 4 October, the Board thanked Pierre for his efforts in establishing a solid base for Vessels for the Future, from which it can now move forward, and for his significant contribution in promoting the case for research funding by the European Commission.
The new chairman, Henk Prins, is the Manager R&D at MARIN (Maritime Research Institute the Netherlands), the renowned ship model basin in Wageningen in the Netherlands. He is responsible for all R&D at MARIN, both in his own department and in the MARIN Business Units.

Henk graduated from Delft University of Technology in 1991, mastering in Applied Mathematics. He continued his studies at the same university as PhD student, where he developed a numerical method to calculated drift forces on offshore platforms and ships including effects of current.

After obtaining his doctorate in 1995, he started working at MARIN as a Project Manager. He led projects on the development and sale of hydrodynamic software, as well as on the development of dedicated real-­‐time simulators. In 2001 Henk became a manager of the software and IT department of MARIN. He oversaw all software developments at MARIN and was responsible for the complete IT infrastructure. In 2007, he made moved to his current position in the R&D department.

Henk has been active in EU projects since 2003. He recently coordinated the GRIP project on fuel saving through retrofitting, and the SONIC project on noise radiated underwater by shipping, and is involved in the H2020 project LeanShips. He has been chairman of the ECMAR association since May 2015, and has been vice-­‐chairman of the Vessels for the Future research association since its initiation. Henk has also chaired the Integration group in the MESA project (Maritime Europe Strategy Action), which established a new research agenda for the whole Waterborne sector.

Looking to the future under Henk’s leadership, Vessels for the Future will be seeking to develop closer ties with the other maritime associations under the Waterborne Technology Platform. Henk believes that Vessels for the Future will continue to play a significant role in representing the interests of industry related to ship research through its broader relationship with Waterborne. This will strengthen our position and improve the interface with the European Commission.

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