Sustainable Growth through Maritime Innovation

Members of the Association cover the full spectrum of maritime interests in relation to research, innovation and development of future vessels, including equipment and operating systems. We have strong representation from individual manufacturers, research institutes, universities and maritime associations, system suppliers, ship yards, ship owners and many more. For a full list of our Current Members please click here.

Why join

Our Association aims to represent as wide an interest group as possible from across the European Maritime Sector. We all share a common interest in pushing the technology envelope through R&D activities and believe that this will be accelerated with funding from the EU Commission. 


We are also working towards a contractual Public Private Partnership (cPPP) with the European Commission to implement its ambitious multi annual RDI roadmap. By joining our Association you will be strengthening the case for such a cPPP. 


Our members enjoy the following principal benefits:


Influence public R&D call contents: members are able to promote their own R&D priorities and influence what goes into the multi-annual RDI roadmap. This will be used as the basis for the annual list of R&D priorities and will be forwarded to the Commission as a proposal for the next round of Call texts.


Exploit knowledge on public R&D calls: members will have an early warning of upcoming Calls and will be able to establish or join consortia to prepare proposals at an early stage.


Understand maritime R&D priorities: members are encouraged to participate in Topic Group discussions to exchange views on future R&D needs with other members.

New members

If Vessels for the Future is of interest to you and you would like to join, please use the contact link and submit a Membership Application form (Word or PDF version can be downloaded here). Your Application will be considered in accordance with our Statutes. Annual membership fees vary depending on the type of your organization and members joining part way through a year will benefit from the fees being levied on a pro rata basis.